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                                Largest Savannahs
Savannah Cats

Savannah Cats Are Most Well Know For There Wonderful Characteristics walking On A Leash, Family Friendly, Dog Like Personality, Play Fetch Like  And Like Water!

  • Exotic Cat looks
  • Dog like personality
  • Energetic
  • Intelligent

Our Savannah Cat Is The Guinness Book World Record Holder For The Largest "Tallest" Domestic Cat 

Savannah Cats Resemble Cheetahs - Leopard But Are A Hybrid Of The Selective Breeding With The African Serval Cat.


New Horizon Cattery, was founded by Joyce Sroufe.

Joyce started breeding Savannah Cat In The Late 1980s. She Is Well Known Among Exotic Cat Owners And Breeders As The Original Founder Of The Savannah Cat Breed. An Expert In Breeding And Care Of Exotic Cats.


Bella Gattini Cattery (California and Oklahoma)                           

Home to The Guinness World Record Holder, "Scarlett's Magic"

The Promenade Shops at Dos Lagos

2795 Cabot Drive
Corona California 92883
Tele: 800.881.0006   Cell: 909.559.9660

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 We price according to the over all quality of the individual kitten.

We care deeply that our cats go to good quality homes.

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We Guarantee The Highest Level of Socialization for All Our Kittens

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Savannah Kittens


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Our Savannah Kittens Are Raised To Love People And Other Animals Big or Small.

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